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Important: How to Registration in the Site + Compiling and Submission of paper + Results announcement + Deposit fees
Dear researchers,in order to saving your time and how to registration in the site + Compiling and Submission of paper + Results announcement + Deposit fees go to read more.
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Types of acceptance papers in the conference
The following type of papers which is in line with conference topics will be accepted and reviewed: Scientific-Research Papers Scientific-Promotional Papers (Overview) Case Studies Analytical-Critical Papers or Reports Research Projects
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Possibility to send participants postal packets without physical presence
Inform to the participants,in order to taken measures by the conference executive secretariat,for satisfying the participants and especially those people who don’t have possibility to physical attendance to the conference,executive secretariat will send their package by post 12 day after holding the conference Along with papers collection e-book to the address that provided in the duration of registration. Therefore please complete relevant information accurately in duration of registration.
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Award a valid international certificate
According to resolutions of the conference policy council and in order to provide superior services to scholar participation s in the conference,the conference secretariat will be prepared and sent international certification. If you would like to take this certificate,please go to your control panel services.
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Start of registration in training workshops
According to requests of dear researchers,some of training workshops has been listed in your control panel. It should be noted that to all of participants will be award attendance certificate in training workshops with attendance hours.
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Invitation to cooperation in the conference scientific and referee committee
Inform to the participants,based on decision of the conference policy council to establishment of permanent secretariat and holding this scientific event annually,from all of university and seminary professors and researchers who completed their doctoral degree or are undergraduate students and have been pass comprehensive test successfully and want to cooperate in science and judgment part of the Conference,Please go to vertical menu of site,papers judgment system and register. Please upload your resume and other required specification carefully due to be recorded your specification properly.
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Early Issuance of papers certificates
Inform to all dear researchers,in order to convenience of all participants,possibility of Early Issuance of papers certificates has been provided. Please contact with secretariat after deposit registration fee and request Early Issuance of your paper certificate.
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Indexing the conference papers in Civilica site and Islamic Republic of IRAN National Content Consortium
Inform to all of Site users,according to carry out coordination and consultation with Boom Sazeh Publications,indexing of all accepted papers will be done in Civilica site and Islamic Republic of IRAN National Content Consortium
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Introducing the conference
We thank god,because we are host of researchers,your beloved ones who with hardworking and access to the latest scientific findings trying to take step toward self-sufficiency of the country. Holding this conference is the chance for seeing research achievement and your expert view of related items. It is hoped that this scientific event in addition to strengthening the relationship between distinguished scholars and scientists in universities and seminaries,provide the possibility of exchange of the latest achievements related to the conference topics and can be taken an effective step in this field.
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Beginning of Registration and receiving of papers
Inform to all dear researchers that the conference site is prepared to receive and judgment of your sending papers.
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A. Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

1- Curriculum Planning and Academic Progress
2- Education of religious and Islamic ethic
3- Educational management and Planning
4- Technology and Educational Researches
5- Modern teaching methods
6- e-learning
7- Education and Training
8- Other topics related to Educational Sciences

B- Innovation and research in Management Science

1- Strategic Management
2- Entrepreneurial Management
3- Educational Management
4- Business Management
5- Executive Management
6- Urban Management
7- Governmental Management
8- Other topics related to Management Sciences

C- Innovation and research in Psychological Science

1- Evaluating and measuring
2- Personality Psychology
3- Cultural Psychology
4- Islamic Psychology
5- Public Psychology
6- Health Psychology
7- Educational Psychology
 8- Other topics related to Psychology

In order to notice from method of participating in the conference in person or in absentia,please go to your control panel services part. Also meetings will be held in Qom and Tehran
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